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With the great health care debate raging on & the death of long time health care proponent Sen. Ted Kennedy, everyone has been thinking and talking about it a lot these days. Just recently, my family has endured some massive struggles with our own health care, spending about 2/3 of our income just so we can go to a decent doctor. My husband wrote a great post about it here.

I also stumbled upon this great article in The Washington Post. It’s amazing to me that the US is having such a difficult time getting it together with health care reform. As I said, our family of 3 almost went into the poor house trying to insure ourselves and now that we have another baby on the way, it’s even scarier.

It bums me out that there are people out there who think healthcare is a privilege and not a right. Both my husband & I bust our asses to pay an almost 1400.00/mo premium to Blue Cross. And in an economy where businesses are going down left and right, my husband being the freelancer that he is, is getting screwed out of invoices left & right which makes it even harder to pay those premiums. It’s an awful feeling to be so stressed out about something that’s supposed to keep you healthy.


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Mad about Madsen!

A while ago, I posted that Madsen Cycles was giving away one of their super dreamy/awesome cargo bikes. Well, they are such great peeps that now they’re giving away a bike a week! I love these bikes so so so much. For more information click the image below:

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

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The Grumpy Face.

These are just too cute not to share. V has been trying out this ‘grumpy face’ for the last few weeks (and yes, we are still pacifier addicted, but I’ll save that for another post….) and it’s been cracking us up.




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Yesterday we went and looked at our second choice pre-school, and it was awesome! Jesse and I were both almost silent as we drove there, it was such a bittersweet moment for us. As soon as we parked V said “Barack Obama”! Jesse & I both totally confused asked V why she said that. Then she pointed out the car window at an American Flag & said “It’s a Barack Obama flag”.

Our girl is totally growing up!

So it’s official, Violet will be attending two full days of care/pre-school. The place was great, it’s an in-home place run by a husband & wife team, who also happen to be vegetarians! Jesse & I were both really relieved to not have to explain V’s dietary restrictions once again… It’s also a lot more structured than I thought it was, which is great.

One month. In one month I’ll only be with V for one full day, I almost can’t believe it. I know deep down that it’s totally time for both of us to spread our wings but damn, I’m going to miss her!

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Skip Hop!


Let me tell you how much I love my Skip Hop Duo: A LOT. This diaper bag, among many that I’ve tried along the way in my search for “the perfect diaper bag” has consistently come out on top. It was the first diaper bag I had and trust me, I’ve had a few. While I was pregnant I was determined to find an understated bag that wouldn’t make my husband feel like a total idiot for carrying and that was also inexpensive.

Enter the Duo.

It’s very sleek and doesn’t scream “Hello! I am a diaper bag”! which I love. We have one in black, because I just can’t get away with the it-matches-everything quality of black. It had always in the past 3 years been able to hold enough stuff for Violet (sometimes begrudgingly) and been able to house my essentials to boot. It still looks just as new as the day we got it, as it’s super easy to keep clean. I think my favorite part about it is the stroller clips, that are built right into the bag, so I never lose them. What’s that saying? I would lose my own nose if it weren’t attached to my face? Yeah, that’s me.

The Duo runs about 60 bucks, and in a land of 150.00+ diaper bags, that’s pretty awesome. Since I’ve had mine, the Duo has been buffed up into a “Deluxe Edition” that’s 30% larger and has an added shoulder pad along with some other bits of fine tuning. The only thing I ever find myself wishing about my Duo is that the bottle holder was on the other side. It can be a little tricky getting a bottle out one handed if you’re a righty. We also have a pronto that we keep in the back of the car and I don’t know how I’d live without. In the last few years the Skip Hop collection has grown to include a whole slew of bags and other items like bath toys, nursery items and all kinds of other great accessories. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown so far & I’m always excited to see what they come up with next.

Skip Hop has totally become a brand that I really love & trust. Not only are their products great but they are very involved in a few great charities. I encourage you to give them a looksee, they even have a blog!

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What do you mean, SCHOOL?


The time has come. V has started telling me that she wants to go to school.

As I’ve said before, I’ve been home with V since she was born. I only just started working very part time this summer. I have no idea how child care works, how much it costs, where to find it, etc. How do I handle this?

When you first started looking into childcare, where did you start? How did you find your daycare or pre-school of choice? In the preliminary investigation alone, it almost feels like some secret society in which you have to know somebody to get in.

Then there’s also the potty training issue. Violet is thisclose to being potty trained but given that most pre-schools start in a few weeks, I wouldn’t say that she really qualifies as potty-trained. So am I supposed to forfeit the more structured program and go with day-care just because my kid still pees her pants every once in a while? *sigh*

So, I’m clueless. I’m going to look at a daycare place this week after finding out about the potty trained rule from the pre-school I nearly fell in love with. I guess at least she’ll get some social activity out of it. Man, kids are hard!

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Today Violet & I are headed to the airport to pick up her Papa. He’s been in Philadelphia this weekend attending the DIYdays conference. V’s never been to the airport before, and she loves planes so I’m very excited to take her.

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