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Best. Apple Cake. Ever.


Since yesterday it poured rain & V was sick it seemed the perfect opportunity for baking. My lovely friend Debbie over at Words to eat by posted this recipe for apple cake a few days ago & I’ve been dying to make it. I knew it would be amazing because Debbie comes through with the most amazing recipes on a regular basis. An amazing food writer, she also teaches a class called “parents need to eat too” that I wish I could take. If only I lived in Brooklyn….

I had to do a little tweaking (I was out of lemons & only had 1.5c of sugar) but it was still INCREDIBLE! I even sprinkled a little brown sugar on top. Yum.

(This is a picture of Debbie’s cake, stop by her blog for the best recipes you’ll ever find. She rules!)


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It’s official: My baby goes to pre-school. Can I tell you about what a mess I was?

First, I totally overpacked her lunch to the point where I was being mocked via Facebook by friends of mine (Yes, I totally took a picture of the lunch I made her). My husband kept giving me that “You’re so crazy that is’s cute and maybe a little sad” look all morning because I was rushing around trying to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.

V was really looking forward to school. We got there and I had to choke back tears. I tried not to linger when we dropped her off, I didn’t want her to think I was staying and I also didn’t think I could make it that long without losing it and running out of the house with her. All day long at work I wondered how she was doing, it was like torture. I was counting the minutes until 4pm.

After work I drove as fast as I could to go pick up my husband so we could pick her up together, it being her first day and all. When we arrived she was in the front yard. I don’t think she’s ever been as happy to see us. She came running gave us both hugs………..and then took off into the backyard.

She didn’t want to leave.

So we chatted with Ms. Jen who gave us an excellent progress report! She said that V ate almost all of her gigantic lunch, was ‘very gentle’ with the other children and even took a 1.5 hour nap. On the way home V told us that she cried a little because she missed us (how cute is that?) but that it was okay because she had fun. I’m so proud of my little lady, she already can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, this will be my first full ‘day off’ since V was born. What the heck am I gonna do with myself?

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Klean Kanteen


In light of the recent SIGG not-so-BPA-free-after-all scandal*, lets talk about how awesome Klean Kanteens are, shall we?

When I had V in 2006 the BPA scandal had just hit so of course, every parent I knew was panicking & searching the world for BPA-free bottles of all sorts. After we made a healthy investment in Born-Free bottles, as V got bigger we needed a sippy cup option. One of the first things that attracted me to the Klean Kanteen (besides the obvious BPA, phthalates, lead & toxin free-ness) was that they use Avent sippy spouts, which aren’t hard plastic and they were really easy for V to get used to. Klean Kanteens are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel so they don’t retain or impart any taste. My husband is one of those total freaks of nature that can taste anything in anything and he seems pretty happy with the Klean Kanteen. He always complained about the SIGG, I should have known! The mouth on the Klean Kanteen is wide enough that they are easy to clean and you can totally fit ice cubes in there, thank goodness because V *loves* her ice cubes. Since we first got ours, Klean Kanteen has started making their bottles in really sweet colors and have a slick new logo to boot! Just recently they launched a new ‘wide-mouth’ bottle. The 12 oz. kid sippy runs about 20 bucks, which is a little pricey but when you think about how long it lasts and how many crappy plastic bottles you ‘ll save from the landfill, it definitely seems worth it.

Lastly, I really love when I find out just how awesome a company is. Klean Kanteen is partnered with a bunch of great charities and they are also members of 1% for the planet. They practice fair labor standards & are sure to visit the factories that craft Klean Kanteens regularly. Read more about that here. Lets help them kick the disposable water bottle habit!

* for those of you who haven’t heard, if you have a SIGG bottle that does not have the new eco-care liner, they are offering an exchange program. All you have to do is ship them back at your cost. MOre information about that can be found here.

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