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4pack-1 LR

Violet is currently fascinated with chopsticks right now. She has a tiny pair that she wants to use all the time & honestly, it drives me batty. I don’t have the patience to use chopsticks 9 times out of 10 & I certainly don’t have the patience to teach a 3 year old how to use them. So the next best thing? Tinytongs.

Tinytongs are the creation of Carys Bice & her husband Justin. Carys was looking for something to bridge the gap between finger feeding and utensil using for her little ones and Voila! Tinytongs were born. Tinytongs are child sized, soft, silicone tongs that are lead, BPA & Phthalate-free; they have all these neat little grippies so they stay in your little ones hand and they are very simple to use (& they are dishwasher safe!). V thinks these are the coolest & they have quickly become her go-to utensil. They open just enough so that she can’t cram huge amounts of food in her mouth and she loves to ‘pinch’ her food. I have a feeling these will be really great when it comes time to teaching Clementine how to eat as well as help her develop coordination. Since V is 3 she picked them up very quickly but I imagine it would be just as easy for a smaller child new to solid foods.

For more information about Tinytongs, check out www.tinytongs.com Save 20% on any order with the code: lw20


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Clementine is here!



I am so elated to announce the birth of our newest little sweetie, Anna Clementine. She arrived Wednesday afternoon weighing in at 8lbs 11.5oz & is 20″ long! She is a super sweet baby & we love her dearly (obviously). Big sister Violet has already even given her a Spongebob sticker.

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Littlewhirl will soon be featuring a review & giveaway of happygreenbee clothing, which I am so excited about (Can you even stand how adorable these hoodies are?)! happygreenbee features awesome, colorful organic clothing and they just so happen to be having an inventory reduction sale through 11/15 – 50% off the entire site with no minimums and free shipping after $25! They are trying to make way for the spring line, which I’m sure will be fantastic. Happy Shopping!

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Anne Taintor never fails to make me laugh.

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Ever since V started playgroup last year I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding the perfect lunchbox. I love packing lunches, I would probably do it all day if I could. Heck, if I had the dough, I’d probably be a crazy bento-mom with a million little sauce containers and shape cutters. However, all those little pieces would drive me insane I’m sure.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the Planetbox, a single unit stainless-steel lunchbox that has a bunch of nifty compartments, cool magnets & a sweet carrybag made from recycled polyester. I was in love. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that one was on it’s way to our house.

Planetbox is the creation of Robert & Caroline Miros. Robert is an engineer who has designed consumer and medical products for the past 15 years. Caroline has worked extensively on children’s health education and environmental programs. They have 2 daughters, 4 chickens and a passion for promoting the health of children & the environment (and they are super nice folks as well!).

Safe & Non-toxic, Planetbox is made of 300 & 400 food grade stainless steel which means no leeching of nasty chemicals into jr.’s lunch. It’s also waste free, our kit came with a big dipper & little dipper container that can be used for messier treats like yogurt, hummus or pasta. So all we really need is a spoon, fork & a cloth napkin! Planetbox comes outfitted with a sweet set of magnets for the front, one even has room for a name, which we all know is helpful among the pre-school set. V *loves* her kitty magnets and is pretty enamored of the whole box itself. She’s fascinated by the latch & loves how it folds out into a ‘special tray’ keeping her lunch tidy, net and unsmooshed. I love having only one piece to wash, it’s so much better than cleaning out piece after piece of tiny tupperware & then dealing with finding a lid for said tupperware, which is like finding that lost sock that you *know* was in the dryer. Planetbox also helps to escape the headache of how-am-I-going-to-cram-all-of-this-into-my-kids-lunchbox?, it’s all laid out, easy as pie. I know that I’m not over or under feeding V, which I really like. I love our Planetbox, it makes for headache free lunch packing and I know it will last forever! Caroline has even made a really nifty ‘how-to’ video for first time Planetbox users. For more information & ordering, stop by www.planetbox.com, it’s well worth the investment!

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My little friend is celebrating her 3rd birthday today (even with a case of Strep Throat), I can’t believe it! I am in awe of how much she has grown and turned into the amazing little girl she is. Maybe her new little sister will decide to come join the celebration….

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Have any of you ever seen that Mythbusters episode where they confirmed that it was pretty much impossible to keep your toothbrush free of fecal coliforms bacteria? If so, have you been totally freaked out about your toothbrush arrangement ever since? And have you ever watched in disgust as your ‘new to tooth-brushing’ toddler sticks his or her toothbrush all over the sink that maybe you’ve been less than diligent about keeping spotless?

Fear not my friend, Violight is here to save the day.

These products are proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on your toothbrush with a nifty germicidal UV light. Including….wait for it…….H1N1 Swine Flu Virus. They accommodate any kind of toothbrush, including electric heads. Violight has all sorts of models for all sorts of needs (including this little cutie, which I need to have) & even provide a razor sanitizer. We are currently using The Original Countertop Toothbrush Sanitizer and it is AWESOME. It fits 4 brushes and sits neatly on our sink without taking up a lot of room; and because it’s designed by the amazing Phillippe Starck, it’s pretty too. Now, I love my family, but I also love knowing that our toothbrushes aren’t hanging around in the same cup sharing all kids of cooties. Violight prevents cross-contamination & sanitizes your brush in about 10 minutes. A pretty blue glow lets you know it’s doing it’s job. I was also just informed that you can put pacifiers in the Dental Spa. I so need one of those now!

So far, we all love our Violight. V loves pushing the button and watching it glow and I no longer live in fear of what is *actually* on my toothbrush. Joel & Jonathan of Violight have graciously offered to giveaway a family sanitizer unit to one of my readers, aren’t they cool? So, to enter, head over to violight.com, check it out and leave me a comment with another favorite product of theirs. A winner will be chosen at random (probably by Violet picking names out of a hat) on Halloween (you have until midnight on Oct 30th to enter). Just in time to brush away all those potential candy cavities! Tweet it & I’ll give you an extra entry!

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