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Happy New Year!

Once again I am happy to see the past year leave and welcome a new one. The holidays were pretty crazy on this end and I’m hoping to get right back into the swing of things. Tonight I’m going to celebrate the new year with a very long hot shower and hopefully some relaxing with my husband. Tomorrow at noon we’re heading down to the beach to watch a bunch of crazies jump in the ocean. I hope this coming year brings everyone of you prosperity & bliss!


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Playmobil Winners!

And the winners are:

Molly, who said:
The other day we were using toys (including Playmobile) in the tub. I was teaching my daughter about what sinks and what floats!
Playmobile toys really get my daughter’s imagination going. She’s love this giveaway!

and Debbie, who said:
I’ve been cruising the Playmobil stuff for weeks now, trying to figure out which one to get for Harry. I love how many different cultures are covered–that Masai warrior is just amazing. That could really spur some interesting conversations.

Off to tweet, follow Playmobil, and become a fan–four entries! Woo hoo!

I’ll be contacting you shortly for your information, congrats! xoxo

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I heart BUILT products, I always have. They manage to perfectly merge form AND function which isn’t really the easiest thing to do. So I was really excited when I heard they started making baby products. Just recently I have been rocking their Cushy Tushy Changing Pad (in Soho stripe) and it is awesome. First, they come in great colors and second it’s nice and compact. No huge changing pads to lug around and it’s a great way to carry just the essentials. I keep it loaded and I can switch it from one bag to another or just take it as it is, no problemo.

BUILT items are made from neoprene, they are sturdy, easy to keep clean and still soft enough for baby. I love the changing wallet because the neoprene makes such a comfy changing pad for Clementine. No cold scratchy vinyl for my baby’s butt! BUILT also offers bibs, bottle totes, diaper bags for baby. I love the Tidy Bib’s nifty little crumb catcher! They also offer everything from laptop sleeves to lunch totes. It’s almost kind of crazy how many really cool products they offer (they even have an oven mitt!) and the prices are very reasonable. Stop by & browse the BUILT store for their full catalog and find them on Facebook!

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Croup: Day 5

The past week has been insane. Insane I say! Jesse left for a conference in San Francisco (jealous!) last Saturday, leaving me to solo parent until Tuesday afternoon. It was seriously the single hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I saw him coming down the escalator at the airport that Tuesday, I started crying. Yes, I was that emotionally and physically drained. I can hardly think about it without feeling tired all over again.

And in typical fashion, Jesse arrived home sick. Why I didn’t send him packing with some Emergen-C I’ll never know. By that night, V was making this awful whooping sound and crying every time she coughed. I took her to the doc the next day and sure enough, it was Croup. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but now that we have a freshie in the house, it is. So since Tuesday, Jesse and Violet have been camped out in the living room waiting this thing out while Clementine & I try to stay healthy in the bedroom.

It has been a long 5 days.

V is starting to finally feel a bit better and she hates not being able to hug & kiss Clem, which is heartbreaking and cute at the same time. We’ve been giving her honey to soothe her throat & Chestal Honey for her cough with an occasional dose of Tylenol if her fever gets really high. She’s been sleeping on the couch with Jesse this whole time (see heartbreaking picture above), we even set up a tent in the living room….insane. She finally slept through the night last night *in her room* & Jesse was deemed healthy enough to sleep in our bed. Just as I was starting to get used to having the thing all to myself!

I think this has probably been the worst illness V’s been down with so far, so I feel pretty lucky.
WE did have a stomach virus two winters ago that sucked royally but at least that came & went in 24 hours. What’s the worst you’re kiddo’s been through so far? What are your best tips/tricks for healing your little ones up quickly?

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6 weeks!

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As I wade through my first experience with nursing, I’m realizing how shy & self-conscious I am. I came across these great nursing tops by Momzelle, that offer great style while allowing you to nurse discreetly.

Momzelle was founded by Christine Poirier & her brother Vincent after Christine gave birth to her daughter. She wanted to feel comfortable nursing in public so she whipped up her own top and soon all of her friends wanted them. After trying out a Momzelle nursing top, I can’t say I blame them! I have the Warm V-neck long sleeve shirt and I love it. It’s very cozy and has a torso that’s a bit longer which is something I always look for in a shirt even when I’m not pregnant. It’s fitted but not too tight so it’s actually very flattering to your post-partum shape. As eager as I was to get back into my old t-shirts, there are still some that look a little iffy on me just yet. Know what I mean?

Momzelle nursing tops are made in Canada (awesome) and the black fabric is 100% organic (double awesome). They offer a wide variety of tops as well as a hoody, a dress & capri pants. The best part being, they look like normal clothes! I usually only wear simple, streamlined clothes and I am so so in love with these. It’s so easy to nurse Clementine when I am wearing this top and I don’t feel silly doing it. To see a demo of how they work, go here. If you’re in the market for nursing tops, I would definitely urge you to splurge on these.

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I have always loved PLAYMOBIL. Always. I remember going to friends houses when I was small and being envious of their collections. Now that I have children of my own, it is my mission to expose them to PLAYMOBIL toys. They are great teaching toys and have almost *any* theme you can think of so the possibilities are endless. I’m not kidding, they even have Gauls.

V is just starting to get into imaginary play and it’s important to me that her play also has substance. Last year we bought her a dollhouse, with furniture but no family. We’ve slowly been adding to it and she loves the single figurines by PLAYMOBIL. Every once in a while we take he to this little toy shop off of the island & we’ll get her a figure for her dollhouse (we like her to have a diverse family…). She always picks a PLAYMOBIL figure. The best part about these toys is that no matter what, they always spark a conversation. The last figure she got was a Lady vet w/ a horse, so we talked all about vets & horses. We must spend a good 30 minutes in the PLAYMOBIL section of this store just talking about all of the different ‘people’.

Last week, V got her first PLAYMOBIL toy. I was just about as excited (if not more) than she was. Jesse & I poured through the catalogs wishing we could buy her everything as we waited for school to end. We gave her the Deep Sea Diving Bell when she got home. She loved it and of course needed to take it into the tub immediately. It was easy to put together and it’s insanely sturdy. I watched her in the tub with this diving bell, it was so amazing to see her play with it and incorporate all of her other bath toys into the scene. It’s one of the handful of toys that has totally sparked the imagination in her. Really, she’s been lowering it off the bed ‘into the ocean’ for days now & we’ve been talking about the ocean a lot. Of course it helps that we live right near one!

This holiday season PLAYMOBIL is curious as to how you might or already do use PLAYMOBIL toys to create ‘teaching moments’. These could range from teaching about numbers by counting the pieces of a toy to teaching what doctors do and how hospitals help people using the PLAYMOBIL Hospital set. They have kindly provided me with a Shark Diver & Divers in Tropical Reef to give away to two readers. To enter, leave a comment on how you would do so with any of the PLAYMOBIL toys on their website. I will choose two winners at random on Dec 17th so you can have it before the holidays (hopefully!). Tweet about this giveaway, follow PLAYMOBIL on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook and you’ll get an extra entry for each!

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