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If you’ve been reading along, you can probably tell by now that I kind of have a borderline obsession with reusable things. Back in my youth I used to complain about how many plastic shopping bags that were in my apartment, now I have just as many cloth bags (I can’t help it, I love those dollar bags they sell at Whole Foods, so pretty)! So picture this, all the awesomeness of reusable grocery bags, but FOR YOUR LUNCH. That’s what ReUsies are.

Usually for school lunch we use V’s very beloved Planetbox. The ReUsies have been so complimentary to it! They are so handy for adding an extra snack or two (or on days that I forget to wash said beloved Planetbox and have to use a regular old lunchbox). ReUsies are made from super cute 100% cotton lined with leak-resistant nylon (BPA, Lead and Phthalate free) and are secured with Velcro® closures. At first glance I was a little skeptical because of the one single velcro tab in the center but dudes, I put a burrito in a sandwich sized ReUsie the other day and it was *perfect*. The bag folds over just enough so the fabric creates a seal of sorts that keeps snacks in. If V can’t spill snacks out of one of these, you know they are the real deal. The second she laid eyes on these she took one, ran to the kitchen and filed it with her favorite snack, Pirate’s Booty. She was able to open and close it easily which I love because frankly, I’m sick of reaching into the back seat of our car to open tupperware for her while I’m driving. ReUsies come in two sizes, Snack (approx. 6”x5”) & Sandwich (approx. 7.5”x6”)

ReUsies were born in Seattle by mothers who after realizing that their families were averaging a use of about 10 plastic bags a day, decided to do something about it. Honestly, I just can’t even deal with how clever a product this is. You know those items that are so useful & clever that you constantly think, “Jeez, I can’t believe that nobody thought of this sooner’?, ReUsies are totally one of those things. And the best part? You can put these babies in the washing machine or the dishwasher (although they recommend that you spot clean them for longest life)! They offer instructional videos on how to clean them & how to use them on their website.

The lovely ladies over at ReUsies have generously decided to let us host a giveaway! So here’s the deal, visit ReUsies and tell me what your favorite style is and leave me a comment (on this entry, not on Facebook). Extra entries can be earned by Fanning ReUsies on Facebook, Subscribing to their newsletter, Following ReUsies on Twitter, Tweeting about this giveaway (with a link back to this entry and @littlewhirl) or mentioning this giveaway & linking to this entry from your Facebook status. That’s 6 ways to enter, SIX! Just remember to leave a comment here for each entry you do and tell me what it is. The lucky winner will receive snack & sandwich sized ReUsies. So super cool. Also, right now at ReUsies you can save 10% on 3 or more ReUsies with the code 3ORMORE. Happy Shopping!

*Contest closes on March 14th.


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Calling all mitten lovers!

I have almost always had a problem with losing mittens. And now, as a parent, I have a problem with losing my kid’s mittens. Although, let’s face it, kiddos do a pretty good job of that on their own. I am the not-so-proud owner of a drawer full of single mismatched gloves & mittens. I have long considered finding a pair of mittens connected by the long string but with a 3 year old that just seems like it would be problematic & frustrating for her.

Just before our last snowstorm, I got a pair of MimiTENS in the mail. Holy moly are they awesome. mimiTENS were cooked up by Anna-Maria Mountfort, a native of Canada (where she still lives & operates mimiTENS). Not only does she produce these great mittens but they are made in Canada. Anna-Maria spends about 80% of her cost on labor so that she can be sure to manage production in her own country. How many companies do you hear of that are willing to do that, especially in the midst of a recession? Sadly, Not many. 3 cheers for Anna-Maria! So yes, it does make them a bit pricier than your average mitten (they’ll run you about 31.00 USD) but it’s almost impossible to lose one of these (while they are on anyway) and they do an amazing job protecting your little one’s hands from the snow & cold. Isn’t that alone priceless?

mimiTENS are great for a number of reasons; there’s the obvious staying-on factor. The All-weather mimiTENS V has (in Robot of course, she loves robots) are made of water-repellent nylon, insulated with Thinsulate™ and lined with Oeko-Tek bamboo fleece for extra warmth and softness. The mitten itself is very roomy so she is free to wiggle her fingers as much as she can. The cuffs are made of Cotton/ Lycra and are nice & stretchy so they stay on incredibly well. It’s really nice to add an extra layer of warmth on V’s arms without having to burden her with yet another whole layer under her winter coat. She *loves* these mittens. As we speak, we’re in the midst of getting more snow (yay!) and she’s already asked when she can put them on. (Above is a very silly picture of her refusing to take them off after a romp in the snow.)

These are great mittens and I am SO happy with them. These are definitely going to be our go-to mittens from here on out. mimiTENS also makes a SOFT version of their mittens w/ eco-friendly bamboo, I’m sure those are divine. Super cute scarves & hats are also available (I can’t wait to try those). Charity wise, mimiTENS loves and supports the Yonge Street Mission, the Geneva Centre for Autism, Right to Play and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. So when you buy mimiTENS you are supporting these organizations too. *And* right now they are running a sale so hop on over & don’t miss out!

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I have yet to meet a baby who doesn’t love Sophie the Giraffe; It’s kind of crazy really. Clementine was gifted with one at Christmas and it’s her absolute favorite thing. She won’t take a pacifier, she only wants this crazy little giraffe.

Sophie has been around for almost 50 years! She was created in France by Monsieur Rampeau, who was an expert in transforming sap from the Hevea tree using the rotational molding of rubber as a toy-making concept, and came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, and is completely safe to chew and is Phthalates and BPA free. Her soft texture and chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), make her perfect for soothing baby’s sore gums during teething. The scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify amid all his other toys.

This is such a great teether. I’ve always hated the circular teethers that you stick in the fridge, they have that hard and sharp seam on the edge. Like I said, Clementine *loves* Sophie and I can tell that it really soothes her as she enters into the world of teething. She is kind of pricey for a teether, yes, but so far she’s been worth the investment (even though we got it for Christmas, score!). I also like the peace of mind knowing that my kiddo is chewing on something natural & safe.

For more information about Sophie, you can visit her website: http://www.sophiegiraffeusa.com and for more information about other Vulli toys and more Sophie products visit: http://www.vulli-toys.com

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I am a stickler for buying eco-friendly cups, bowls, etc. for my daughter. When Think Baby came out with their feeding set, I was beyond thrilled. The 6 piece set is free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, melamine & PVC. So you can have total peace of mind while serving up or storing your baby’s favorite food!

My daughter was extremely pleased with the orange color and seemed to love having her own ‘set’ of things at the table. We’ve starting using these for school lunches too, as the bowls & bento come with lids. I am so impressed with how versatile this set is, & you can start using it at almost any age. I think we will definitely be owing a couple of these.

Think baby also makes baby bottle & sippy cups as well as sport bottles for grown-ups. Think Baby was founded by Kevin Brodwick to address the growing concern for safer products. After working with a laboratory funded by the National Institute of Health (specifically focused on testing products for estrogenic activity – largest type of endocrine disruptor), Mr. Brodwick became aware of extent to which harmful chemicals were present in everyday products. After unsuccessfully convincing several large companies to alter formulation, Mr. Brodwick took it upon himself to create an alternative line of consumer products.

A portion of all purchases of Think Baby products benefit the nonprofit organization, Healthy Child Healthy World, and the packaging is made from recycled paper. A great green company in my opinion. Please go to http://www.thinkbabybottles.com & check them out.

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