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As I’ve written before, I’m new to this whole breastfeeding thing. So far it seems to be going okay, and whoever told me that it was ‘toe-curlingly painful’ was absolutely right. I’ve almost given up a dozen times even though Clementine is only 8 days old. Holy Moly this is hard to get used to! Although, every day it gets a little bit easier and Medela was nice enough to send me some of their products.

The Hydro Gel pads saved my life the first few days, and pretty much kept me from crying. They instantly soothe & are reusable. I highly recommend getting these for your hospital bag, they are magical. The other product they sent was their Tender Care Lanolin. Made of all natural ingredients & hypoallergenic, it’s very easy to apply, even when things are a bit, um, sore. Medela offers a whole slew of breastfeeding products & supplies and so far they have won me over. They have an incredible website that can probably answer any question you would ever have about breastfeeding; it’s such a wonderful resource. For more information visit

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Breastfeeding 101


I’m due to have another baby in 19 days & I know nothing about breastfeeding. When my first daughter was born, in 2006, I decided not to breastfeed because I had undergone breast reduction surgery 2.5 years earlier. Fearing low milk supply & general let down, we went with formula instead. Don’t get me wrong, V was/is one of the healthiest kids I know but I feel like this time I at least owe it to myself to try.

I’m scared to death.

So I’m asking you, dear readers, what is your biggest piece advice for a mama new to breastfeeding? What are your favorite products? Are they even necessary? How do you know if baby is getting enough? Does it hurt? How long should I do it for? What are your favorite breastfeeding info/support websites? Please leave me a comment or email me if you like!

*painting by Liz Smith

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