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I heart BUILT products, I always have. They manage to perfectly merge form AND function which isn’t really the easiest thing to do. So I was really excited when I heard they started making baby products. Just recently I have been rocking their Cushy Tushy Changing Pad (in Soho stripe) and it is awesome. First, they come in great colors and second it’s nice and compact. No huge changing pads to lug around and it’s a great way to carry just the essentials. I keep it loaded and I can switch it from one bag to another or just take it as it is, no problemo.

BUILT items are made from neoprene, they are sturdy, easy to keep clean and still soft enough for baby. I love the changing wallet because the neoprene makes such a comfy changing pad for Clementine. No cold scratchy vinyl for my baby’s butt! BUILT also offers bibs, bottle totes, diaper bags for baby. I love the Tidy Bib’s nifty little crumb catcher! They also offer everything from laptop sleeves to lunch totes. It’s almost kind of crazy how many really cool products they offer (they even have an oven mitt!) and the prices are very reasonable. Stop by & browse the BUILT store for their full catalog and find them on Facebook!


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