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Cariboo is a New Zealand based company that was started in 1986 by Carol McGeady. Carol sought to make a bassinet that was sensitive to an infants movements, environmentally sound & very well made. Cariboo bassinets really hit the mark when it comes to simple & elegant baby furniture. This is, hands down, the nicest piece of furniture we currently own.

Clementine is currently resting in a Cariboo Folding Bassinet and she seems to really love being in there (doesn’t she look so cute & tiny in there?). I’m able to rock her a bit and she can then take care of the rest with just her natural movements. It’s a nice, deep bassinet, so I can put her in it and I don’t ever have to worry about light bothering her (sometimes I drape a small sheet over half of it if I really don’t want her to be disturbed). The light that does come through, is nice and diffused from the cotton bag so it never really bothers her much. The Cariboo Folding bassinet comes with a custom fit 100% cotton sheet & a mattress that is all natural, waterproof & PBDE-free. All of the fabric parts are machine washable, which I love so so much! I always wish that baby gear was easier to take apart for washing purposes, doesn’t anyone realize how messy babies are? Cariboo also offers a handful of accessories for your bassinet as well as extras like sheets & mattresses, and each bassinet is handmade in New Zealand with sustainable, local materials. We love this thing; not only is it beautiful to look at, it folds flat in mere seconds & is very light so we can take it with us for extended visits to the Grandparents houses. In our small apartment space matters, so it’s nice to have the option of tucking it away while we aren’t using it and the transition into the girls sharing a room will likely be easy if we don’t have to set up a big crib right away. This is definitely one of those ‘worth-every-penny” baby items. It’s everything I thought it would be and more.

For more information about Cariboo & to see more of the beautiful furniture they offer, visit www.scichild.com


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