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As I near the end of my pregnancy, I find my self scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming & scouring way more than usual. So, of course I was so pleased when Eco-Me sent me a hefty box of amazing cleaning supplies to try. I first stumbled upon Eco-Me last year when I was on the hunt for baby products for Violet & I was immediately struck by their great line of products and total commitment to the environment. The Pre-Mix Cleaning Pack has been a huge hit in our house. The ‘family’ Bill, Kate, Emily, Suzy, Emma & Matt are all made with 100% natural products like vinegar, baking soda & plant oils, and smell like Sweet Tea (yum!) or super lemon-y lemons (also yum).

The first thing I tried was the carpet deodorizer. Hit! Between having a toddler & a dog, our rug sure needed it and ‘Matt’ totally delivered, leaving my living room rug all fresh and smelling like lemons. ‘Bill’ Helped me out by cleaning up a cubby unit that will house all of the new baby’s stuff. He’s pretty powerful and kind of smells like kombucha (He’s supposed to smell like sweet tea but with the vinegar, well, you know). I think our two favorites by far are ‘Emily’ & ‘Suzy’. My husband loves Suzy so much that he a) talked about it for about 15 minutes straight & then b) deemed that no other dish soap may ever enter our home. ‘Emily’ the scrub cleanser did an AMAZING job on our kitchen sink, as well as our bathroom & baby 2’s cradle. Speaking of baby 2, all of her clothes have been washed with ‘Emma’ laundry soap & folded neatly into the cubbies that ‘Bill’ cleaned. My house has seriously never smelled this good. ‘Kate’ even got me to polish our bannister which I’ve never, ever done. I’m pretty sure that we’ve been converted (Sorry Simple Green!) to an Eco-Me household.

Started in 2005 by Robin Levine, they originally created a line of toxin-free cleaning products for her 36 year old sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. They have now added to their roster products for dogs, cats, babies & grown-ups! Eco-Me also participates in a program that gives up to 10% back for online sales to charitable organizations throughout the year. Their website provides a slew of tips for recycling, cleaning, educating kids about the environment and they also have a really great blog. And for those of you who love tupperware parties but not the tupperware, Eco-Me has a home party option. So awesome!

Right now save 15% off of any online retail orders with the code: emblreview & start cleaning green!


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