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V’s birthday is Monday, she’s going to be 3 (!!!). And because I’m so paranoid about having this baby on her birthday & we aren’t planning a party we’ve been kind of stretching out the birthday celebration. Yesterday we caved & gave her her birthday present, a camera, which she loves. Last week I asked her teacher if I could bring in cupcakes today to celebrate her birthday so she could share some sweets with friends. Last night when it came time to actually make the cupcakes I was kind of kicking myself.

I usually make them from scratch but this time, as I was waddling my 9 months pregnant butt through the grocery store at 8pm, I decided to go for a mix. I found a nice organic one which I felt I could tweak accordingly. Then I started looking at the frosting. I tried SO HARD to buy frosting but man, that stuff is just evil! High fructose this, partially hydrogenated that, ugh. So I did what I always do & picked up a tub of Earth Balance (yum) and some confectioners sugar. I was already miserable by the time I got home.

Two things saved me while I made cupcakes. 1) a stool to sit on and b) Morrissey.
Sounds silly right? But I popped on my iTunes and heard Morrissey singing and suddenly that’s all I wanted to listen to. So I sat on my stool and had a nice journey back to high school while listening to ‘Bona Drag’ and the cupcake work became kind of mindless. It was actually pretty awesome to be alone, in the kitchen and hearing nothing but music. A nice change of pace from the usual chaos in our house.

The frosting came out well, although I made it a little more pink than I meant to and I finished frosting them this morning. V of course wanted one for breakfast.
I’m glad I stuck it out & didn’t buy cupcakes or get crap frosting. At this stage of my pregnancy, I totally feel like I accomplished something!


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Cupcakes & Bubbles

I promised V that today we would make cupcakes & blow bubbles. Since my husband can’t eat chocolate right now, I was searching the interwebs for a good vanilla recipe. Then I stumbled upon Amy Sedaris’ cupcake recipe on Cupcakes take the cake! It sounds so good & it’s not overly eggy (which I really despise in baked goods, I feel like it totally overpowers everything else) & I’ve never made frosting with just sugar & half & half! We’ll see how it turns out.

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