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Wall decals. The new craze in kid-room decor. Yeah, they’re cool but they are a dime a dozen and anyone with access to a vinyl cutter can make them. Inke Heiland, an Artist/Designer from Amsterdam has taken a totally different approach to wall decor with these AMAZING wallpaper silhouettes. Inke offers mostly animal silhouettes, as well as an incredible tree, some birds and even interior pieces. Each silhouette is made with actual vintage and/or designer wallpaper and comes as a DIY kit. The glue is very easy to mix and all you have to do is brush it on and apply it to the wall. A bit messier than a standard wall decal yes, but the texture of the wallpaper is so nice and the visual is out of this world. We put two small birds up on the top of the door and wow, I wish we had more. I am totally, TOTALLY coveting the Town musicians of Bremen piece. So cool.

Inke first started making these for her son’s bedroom & liked them so much that she decided to produce them. I for one am so glad she did! Inke is also now offering duvet covers, curtains & pillows that are just as visually stunning. You can view the collection here & find a list of stockists here.


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