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Most moms I know are constantly in search of the perfect diaper bag. gr8x is certainly onto something with their new messenger style diaper bag.

The thing I love most in a diaper bag is stroller attachments. There’s nothing more annoying than having your bag sliding down the back of your stroller. This bag covers that very well as it’s outfitted with detachable stroller clips. It’s also lined with nylon, which is a huge plus as I always find myself wiping up various juices and crumbs out of my current bag.

It’s very roomy & has many zippered pockets, standard & mesh, which is a nice feature. I like being able to see things immediately but still have them organized. There’s also an insulated pocket for bottles, which is excellent! I love the shape & the texture, it’s not too “Hey, I’m a diaper bag”! and the camo design is a nice unisex print so I don’t feel bad making my husband tote it around.

gr8x bags are designed in Australia with a focus on innovation, function & quality. I say they pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one. Take a look at the bags & other great products offered by gr8x at http://www.gr8x.net


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