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ERGObaby Carrier


This baby is the cream of the crop when it comes to baby carries in my opinion. When I first got pregnant almost 3 years ago, I was all set to be a super babywearing mama. After I had V though it was a totally different story; The sling hurt my shoulder, my bjorn was too stiff & the mei tai was just too much for me to handle. With the Ergo Baby carrier however, I had nothing to complain about (and neither did my daughter).

ERGOBaby is a family owned & operated company located on Maui, Hawaii. Karin Frost designed the carrier in 2001 after her son was born & she is always researching and working hard to expand the ERGObaby product line. For these carries to become as popular as they have in such a short amount of time, you know it’s a quality item. The ERGO comes in all sorts of great colors and prints and even has a handful of organic options.

The ERGObaby carrier is an ergonomic soft shell carrier that’s made with 100% cotton, it’s similar in ways to the bjorn but much more streamlined & a snap, literally, to use. It has padded shoulder straps that are fully adjustable as is the waist belt and can suit people almost any shape or size. The buckles are strong & sturdy on the ERGO, reinforced with stitching and safety webbing, giving it the ability to hold almost 90 pounds. My favorite parts of the ERGO are the zip pocket & the hood. If V falls asleep I don’t have to worry about her being protected from the elements and the zip pocket allows me to always have an easy place for my keys & wallet (and the pacifier of course).

You can do a side, back & hip carry with the ERGO, they are all pretty simple and instructional videos are available on the website. Also available is an infant insert so you can start using your ERGO even earlier! My daughter is 2.5 now and she still loves to be in the ERGO. She loves when my husband carries her on his back & she gets to be “Papa’s Backpack’. We use this for quick errands to long treks, it’s especially handy in the winter when driving just isn’t an option and you NEED to get down the street to pick up that pizza. 😉 This is, hands down, my favorite carrier that I’ve ever owned and I’m looking forward to using it when #2 arrives in October!

Please do yourself a favor and stop by www.ergobabycarrier.com to see their awesome line of products and learn more about them, I promise you will be impressed!


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