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If you’ve been reading along, you can probably tell by now that I kind of have a borderline obsession with reusable things. Back in my youth I used to complain about how many plastic shopping bags that were in my apartment, now I have just as many cloth bags (I can’t help it, I love those dollar bags they sell at Whole Foods, so pretty)! So picture this, all the awesomeness of reusable grocery bags, but FOR YOUR LUNCH. That’s what ReUsies are.

Usually for school lunch we use V’s very beloved Planetbox. The ReUsies have been so complimentary to it! They are so handy for adding an extra snack or two (or on days that I forget to wash said beloved Planetbox and have to use a regular old lunchbox). ReUsies are made from super cute 100% cotton lined with leak-resistant nylon (BPA, Lead and Phthalate free) and are secured with Velcro® closures. At first glance I was a little skeptical because of the one single velcro tab in the center but dudes, I put a burrito in a sandwich sized ReUsie the other day and it was *perfect*. The bag folds over just enough so the fabric creates a seal of sorts that keeps snacks in. If V can’t spill snacks out of one of these, you know they are the real deal. The second she laid eyes on these she took one, ran to the kitchen and filed it with her favorite snack, Pirate’s Booty. She was able to open and close it easily which I love because frankly, I’m sick of reaching into the back seat of our car to open tupperware for her while I’m driving. ReUsies come in two sizes, Snack (approx. 6”x5”) & Sandwich (approx. 7.5”x6”)

ReUsies were born in Seattle by mothers who after realizing that their families were averaging a use of about 10 plastic bags a day, decided to do something about it. Honestly, I just can’t even deal with how clever a product this is. You know those items that are so useful & clever that you constantly think, “Jeez, I can’t believe that nobody thought of this sooner’?, ReUsies are totally one of those things. And the best part? You can put these babies in the washing machine or the dishwasher (although they recommend that you spot clean them for longest life)! They offer instructional videos on how to clean them & how to use them on their website.

The lovely ladies over at ReUsies have generously decided to let us host a giveaway! So here’s the deal, visit ReUsies and tell me what your favorite style is and leave me a comment (on this entry, not on Facebook). Extra entries can be earned by Fanning ReUsies on Facebook, Subscribing to their newsletter, Following ReUsies on Twitter, Tweeting about this giveaway (with a link back to this entry and @littlewhirl) or mentioning this giveaway & linking to this entry from your Facebook status. That’s 6 ways to enter, SIX! Just remember to leave a comment here for each entry you do and tell me what it is. The lucky winner will receive snack & sandwich sized ReUsies. So super cool. Also, right now at ReUsies you can save 10% on 3 or more ReUsies with the code 3ORMORE. Happy Shopping!

*Contest closes on March 14th.


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Green Toys

I remember the first item I saw from Green Toys was their Sand Play Set and I thought, Oh my God, someone *finally* made a bucket with a decent handle! I had no idea that they’d end up being way more awesome than that. Started by Robert von Goeben & Laurie Hyman, Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs and are made in California. I can’t even tell you how psyched I am when I find products that are made here in the USA. Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses so the less miles your items travel, the better. Every pound of recycled milk jugs that Green Toys uses saves energy equal to 3,000 AAA batteries, enough electricity to power a TV set for 3 weeks & enough electricity to keep a laptop running for a month. Now that’s a good toy company!

V has been playing with the Green Toys Dish Set and she is totally obsessed with drinking out of the teacups. They’ve made an excellent addition to her play kitchen/tea set and we can even use them for real-live snacks. I love the texture of them, light but sturdy, and the colors are great. We’ve been ‘cooking’ up a storm and having tea parties galore now that V has proper china to serve on. They’re also a million times easier to wash than some of her wooden cookware.

Green Toys also offers a tea set, toolbox, jump rope & recycling truck to name a few. They’re all great I’m sure. I’ll definitely invest in more Green Toys, I’m a stickler when it comes to buying things that are good for V and that will hold up to toddler play. I really like knowing where her toys come from & what they are made out of. Green Toys gives me the ability to do just that & I think they are awesome for it! Please visit & check out the rest of their great stuff here.

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Ever since V started playgroup last year I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding the perfect lunchbox. I love packing lunches, I would probably do it all day if I could. Heck, if I had the dough, I’d probably be a crazy bento-mom with a million little sauce containers and shape cutters. However, all those little pieces would drive me insane I’m sure.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the Planetbox, a single unit stainless-steel lunchbox that has a bunch of nifty compartments, cool magnets & a sweet carrybag made from recycled polyester. I was in love. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that one was on it’s way to our house.

Planetbox is the creation of Robert & Caroline Miros. Robert is an engineer who has designed consumer and medical products for the past 15 years. Caroline has worked extensively on children’s health education and environmental programs. They have 2 daughters, 4 chickens and a passion for promoting the health of children & the environment (and they are super nice folks as well!).

Safe & Non-toxic, Planetbox is made of 300 & 400 food grade stainless steel which means no leeching of nasty chemicals into jr.’s lunch. It’s also waste free, our kit came with a big dipper & little dipper container that can be used for messier treats like yogurt, hummus or pasta. So all we really need is a spoon, fork & a cloth napkin! Planetbox comes outfitted with a sweet set of magnets for the front, one even has room for a name, which we all know is helpful among the pre-school set. V *loves* her kitty magnets and is pretty enamored of the whole box itself. She’s fascinated by the latch & loves how it folds out into a ‘special tray’ keeping her lunch tidy, net and unsmooshed. I love having only one piece to wash, it’s so much better than cleaning out piece after piece of tiny tupperware & then dealing with finding a lid for said tupperware, which is like finding that lost sock that you *know* was in the dryer. Planetbox also helps to escape the headache of how-am-I-going-to-cram-all-of-this-into-my-kids-lunchbox?, it’s all laid out, easy as pie. I know that I’m not over or under feeding V, which I really like. I love our Planetbox, it makes for headache free lunch packing and I know it will last forever! Caroline has even made a really nifty ‘how-to’ video for first time Planetbox users. For more information & ordering, stop by www.planetbox.com, it’s well worth the investment!

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As I near the end of my pregnancy, I find my self scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming & scouring way more than usual. So, of course I was so pleased when Eco-Me sent me a hefty box of amazing cleaning supplies to try. I first stumbled upon Eco-Me last year when I was on the hunt for baby products for Violet & I was immediately struck by their great line of products and total commitment to the environment. The Pre-Mix Cleaning Pack has been a huge hit in our house. The ‘family’ Bill, Kate, Emily, Suzy, Emma & Matt are all made with 100% natural products like vinegar, baking soda & plant oils, and smell like Sweet Tea (yum!) or super lemon-y lemons (also yum).

The first thing I tried was the carpet deodorizer. Hit! Between having a toddler & a dog, our rug sure needed it and ‘Matt’ totally delivered, leaving my living room rug all fresh and smelling like lemons. ‘Bill’ Helped me out by cleaning up a cubby unit that will house all of the new baby’s stuff. He’s pretty powerful and kind of smells like kombucha (He’s supposed to smell like sweet tea but with the vinegar, well, you know). I think our two favorites by far are ‘Emily’ & ‘Suzy’. My husband loves Suzy so much that he a) talked about it for about 15 minutes straight & then b) deemed that no other dish soap may ever enter our home. ‘Emily’ the scrub cleanser did an AMAZING job on our kitchen sink, as well as our bathroom & baby 2’s cradle. Speaking of baby 2, all of her clothes have been washed with ‘Emma’ laundry soap & folded neatly into the cubbies that ‘Bill’ cleaned. My house has seriously never smelled this good. ‘Kate’ even got me to polish our bannister which I’ve never, ever done. I’m pretty sure that we’ve been converted (Sorry Simple Green!) to an Eco-Me household.

Started in 2005 by Robin Levine, they originally created a line of toxin-free cleaning products for her 36 year old sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. They have now added to their roster products for dogs, cats, babies & grown-ups! Eco-Me also participates in a program that gives up to 10% back for online sales to charitable organizations throughout the year. Their website provides a slew of tips for recycling, cleaning, educating kids about the environment and they also have a really great blog. And for those of you who love tupperware parties but not the tupperware, Eco-Me has a home party option. So awesome!

Right now save 15% off of any online retail orders with the code: emblreview & start cleaning green!

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