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OXO Candela Guardian


I have been coveting these forever & I just happened to stumble upon one at TJ Maxx the other day for 8 bucks; Score! A few weeks ago, we set up a tent in the living room & V has been asking for a flashlight. I thought this would be perfect and it was.

I’ve loved OXO products from the get go, my favorite chef’s knife is made by them (and happens to be the very first item that my husband, then boyfriend & I purchased together, how romantic) & I’m always impressed by what they come up with next. The Candela Guardian is awesome. The charger acts as a nightlight with a super soothing blue hue & the lantern immediately comes to life once taken off the charger. Because it’s an LED, it never gets hot, one charge lasts for about 8 hours and there are, brace yourself, no batteries needed! Super light & super durable, V drags this thing everywhere. Most mornings when I go wake her she’s in bed clutching it and it’s a total bonus for those occasional middle of the night stories. We all loved this light so much that I went back for the last one so we could keep it in the bathroom, thank God it was still there!

For more information on OXO products go to: www.oxo.com


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