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As I have mentioned before, Clementine is in the beginning stages of teething, which, totally blows. I’ve been having such a hard time getting her to sleep, and the only way I’ve been able to do it is by rocking her in her car seat. This little trick started about a month ago when she was so congested we had to keep her upright. Now she doesn’t want to sleep any other way.

For the last week, even that has been trying. I usually sit at my computer and catch up on email & reading while I’m rocking her and one night she just would. not. stop. screaming. In a move of desperation I opened up my iTunes and scanned quickly for the first thing that could be deemed soothing. I popped on Vespertine by Björk and I swear, within minutes, Clementine was totally passed out. I thought maybe it was a fluke but it has worked every time since I first did it.

So Björk, if you’re out there, I totally owe you. Thanks for doing me a solid when you recorded Vespertine, I had no idea!


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