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As I wade through my first experience with nursing, I’m realizing how shy & self-conscious I am. I came across these great nursing tops by Momzelle, that offer great style while allowing you to nurse discreetly.

Momzelle was founded by Christine Poirier & her brother Vincent after Christine gave birth to her daughter. She wanted to feel comfortable nursing in public so she whipped up her own top and soon all of her friends wanted them. After trying out a Momzelle nursing top, I can’t say I blame them! I have the Warm V-neck long sleeve shirt and I love it. It’s very cozy and has a torso that’s a bit longer which is something I always look for in a shirt even when I’m not pregnant. It’s fitted but not too tight so it’s actually very flattering to your post-partum shape. As eager as I was to get back into my old t-shirts, there are still some that look a little iffy on me just yet. Know what I mean?

Momzelle nursing tops are made in Canada (awesome) and the black fabric is 100% organic (double awesome). They offer a wide variety of tops as well as a hoody, a dress & capri pants. The best part being, they look like normal clothes! I usually only wear simple, streamlined clothes and I am so so in love with these. It’s so easy to nurse Clementine when I am wearing this top and I don’t feel silly doing it. To see a demo of how they work, go here. If you’re in the market for nursing tops, I would definitely urge you to splurge on these.


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