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Clementine hates being swaddled. Like, HATES it. She loves having her hands free, so she always hulks her way out a swaddle. I know I don’t have to swaddle her, but she’s really fussy & I notice that it definitely helps her so I was really psyched to try out an Ergococoon. The Ergocoon is an organic lightweight zip-up swaddle and it is AWESOME. It’s perfectly stretchy and it allows for Clem to move her arms around a bit & touch her hands, which plain old swaddling doesn’t do. And seeing as my new daughter loves to hold her hands together like some sort of teacup evil genius, the Ergocoon is a huge hit. It also has an open bottom, so middle of the night changing is super easy & I never have to worry about my hubs not doing it correctly.
(I say that in a my-husband-actually-has-trouble-with-it sort of way, not in an all-men-are-useless sort of way, Jesse is an amazing dad). There’s also no loud, baby-waking velcro involved. The Ergococoon is lightweight, so it can be used all year round if needed. I usually swaddle Clementine’s bottom half & Then stick The Ergococoon on her for really cold nights. I truly believe that this swaddle has supplied me with many extra hours of sleep at this point, I love it. Take that, fussy little baby!

Ergococoons are made by ErgoPouch, a small company out of Australia. They provide a great line of baby sleepthings, all of which are made with organic natural fibers. For a list of stockists, visit their site. Happy sleeping!


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Okay, I heart these clothes. So so much. Never being a very girly girl myself, I never really dress V like a girly girl either. My mom was practically begging me to put a dress on V by the time she was 6 months old. So I admit, I was skeptical of this chemise when it arrived but once it was on V I absolutely fell in love with it. I *love* the colors; Happy Green Bee has nothing but stripes and they pick the best color combinations! I also can’t tell you how happy it makes me to own a shirt for V that was made for a girl and doesn’t have those god awful puffy cap sleeves. It’s the perfect amount of girl without going overboard. I’m pretty sure that these are the perfect clothes for kids & babies, and they are organic. Love it.

Happy Green Bee was started by Roxanne Quimby, who not only sports a kickass name but she is a very interesting lady! Roxanne wanted to create gender-free and cheerful clothing for kids while promoting awareness about the benefits of organic cotton. Happy Green Bee’s philosophy is to create clothing that is comfortable, colorful, playful and ecologically responsible and they have totally lived up to that.

Happy Green Bee is not only having a huge inventory reduction sale through November 15th, they have a Factory Store too! I swear, if I were working right now, both girls would own a ton of these clothes. They have also very kindly offered to do a giveaway with us, so go visit Happy Green Bee & look around. Come back and leave a comment as to what your favorite item is and you will be entered to win your choice of either the chemise or cardigan in radish and bean. Tweet @littlewhirl about this giveaway & I’ll give you an extra entry! I will draw a winner on Nov 30th and you’ll see what all the buzz is about (bah dum dum CRASH

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Littlewhirl will soon be featuring a review & giveaway of happygreenbee clothing, which I am so excited about (Can you even stand how adorable these hoodies are?)! happygreenbee features awesome, colorful organic clothing and they just so happen to be having an inventory reduction sale through 11/15 – 50% off the entire site with no minimums and free shipping after $25! They are trying to make way for the spring line, which I’m sure will be fantastic. Happy Shopping!

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