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3 Months!

Or just shy of. This picture was so cute I couldn’t resist posting it early. I also wanted to take a photograph of my new & very beautiful INKE cushion cover (They have set up a new blog here in case any of you are interested). I know it’s a bit fuzzy but right after I took this picture, V whispered in Clemmie’s ear “Best Friends Forever” so slow & sweet, I nearly died. I feel so incredibly thankful for my babies & my family right now. I’m going to try & burn that moment into my brain so I can think about it years from now when they are fighting over the car keys.


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So Far, So Good.


Life is still very hectic here but we seem to be on the verge of settling in. Clementine is a total sweetie, just like her big sister. There are times when I definitely feel like a waitress again (what can I get for you? Sneakers? Okay. I just have to run over & feed your sister……), but wow. When I see Violet in all her glory of being a big sister, it makes everything so worth it. I mean, I’ll be happy when the extra shut-eye comes back but man, they are so so cute together.

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