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Okay folks, Spring is on it’s way (I don’t want to say it’s here or I’ll probably jinx it) and I am turning over a new leaf. Time to lose that last 20 pounds of baby weight, it’s doing nothing but slowing me down and keeping me from wearing jeans that fit. I’ve got a pair of Reebok Easytones in my arsenal and I am ready to walk! Look that this amazing place I have to walk around in, it’s beautiful even in the dead of winter. This is one of V’s favorite spots to toss rocks in the water & pick Rose Hips in the summer. I’ve been working really hard to change my eating habits lately; I’ve even given up my precious lattes and have started drinking green tea & lemon balm tea a la my amazing herbalist friend in Oregon. A few of my new favorite snacks are roasted chick peas, kale chips & popcorn with nutritional yeast and herbamare. I still need to perfect some quick healthy (vegetarian) dinnertime meals but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

A few questions: Parents, what are your favorite ways to de-stress and excersize? How do you manage it with two kids? I’ve been walking at night after the junior mints go to sleep (and when it’s not freezing) but I’d like to get out more durning the day. Sans double stroller, I’m finding it a bit hard because V still has trouble on very long walks. Plus, I like to keep a pretty fast pace. As of right now I’m either taking V in the stroller & leaving Clementine with her dad, or popping her in the ergo. Maybe I should just consider all that more calories burned? Hmmm….

Do you have any favorite healthy snacks or dinners? what are they? V is a very good eater, thank God, but I find that we have the same 4 or 5 go-to meals all the time. I know a lot of that is a seasonal thing but man, Bor-ing! I suppose I also need the motivation/energy to cook…

I’m going to try to keep some progress reports going here, I think it will keep me motivated. Let’s see if these Reeboks really work!
Keep checking back, we have a bunch of great reviews coming up and another giveaway! xo


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