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This is one of those things I wish I had known about when V was first born. For months during pregnancy I spent countless hours being totally overwhelmed by the choices & prices of strollers. In the last 2+ years, we’ve gone through a handful of them, never being completely satisfied.
It was then that I decided to bite the bullet & buy a BOB stroller. I’d been hearing about them and seeing them around even more. I really like the sleek look and the size is perfect. So a few months ago, our BOB Revolution arrived and I have been in love ever since.

First, the shocks on this thing are AMAZING. I can smoothy glide over anything with ease. My big gripe with almost all of my other strollers has been the wheels but with the BOB I can go from cracked pavement to gravel to high grass without any problems. It was a sinch to put together, just pop on the wheels & go! The basket is nice & roomy, we do a lot of walking and usually hit the grocery store on foot. The BOB allows me to fit quite a hefty load in there and with a 70 lb. weight limit, I can even buy milk! My daughter *loves* this stroller. She even requests that I bring it into our living room on occasion so she can sit in it while she watches television. She has no trouble climbing in & out of it and it’s nice and roomy for her. I love the two cargo pockets that are inside the seat, perfect for storing drinks or random little treasures that we find along our walks. The sunshade is excellent, it covers V almost entirely & has a peek-a-boo window to boot. We’ve used the recline a few times and it has always worked out well, V seems super comfortable in it at all times, which I really like. It’s simple to fold up, although a little heavy weighing in at 23 lbs., but it fits in our wagon like a champ. We use it so much that it hardly ever gets a chance to be folded though.

Along with coming in some really great colors (we opted for the black & tan), accessories galore can be purchased for the BOB. Some available accoutrements are the infant car seat adaptor, handle bar console, sun shield & weather shield (for you hardcore strollers out there). For more information on BOB products and strollers, check out http://www.bobgear.com

I really can’t say enough good things about the BOB Revolution. Yes, it’s a little expensive but it’s well worth the money (and you can certainly find them on sale from time to time). This baby was built to last & I have no doubt that it will probably get turned into a cargo cart once the kids are too big for it!


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