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I’ve been on a search for gelatin-free gummy vitamins for ages. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1999 with ventures in & out of veganism. So yeah, gelatin really skeeves me out. Finally, my friend Sue passed a link on to me to a company with nothing BUT vegan gummy vitamins! Gummiking, pretty much the best resource for gelatin-free vitamins I have ever seen. They instead use Pectin, a natural fiber derived from fruits. Their product line includes 7 different kinds of multi-vitamins &/or supplements for kids. They even provide an Echinacea plus Vitamin C & Zinc supplement, ideal for this scary flu season. Gummiking containers are also fully recyclable, which is always a plus in my book.

I know that there’s argument as to whether kids even need vitamins or not but I say better safe than sorry. We eat healthy but I still have no idea if V is getting the proper amount of vitamins & minerals that she needs on a daily basis (even though I like to think she is). That being said, she totally looks forward to taking her vitamins every morning. In fact, sometimes she even asks for vitamins instead of M&M’s as a reward for using the potty. Confession: I have totally been taking these too.

Gummi King Vitamins are manufactured in California and produced in a 150,000 square foot facility by a qualified team of 175+ employees. They manufacture 50 million gummies per month. Their website is full of great resources & information so please stop by & check them out (especially if you need vitamins) and stock up! Right now they have a buy one/get one promo going with free shipping! A virtual bargain.


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