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Congrats to Jody!

I’ll be emailing you for your contact info in a bit. Thank you to all who entered the ReUsies giveaway!


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Playmobil Winners!

And the winners are:

Molly, who said:
The other day we were using toys (including Playmobile) in the tub. I was teaching my daughter about what sinks and what floats!
Playmobile toys really get my daughter’s imagination going. She’s love this giveaway!

and Debbie, who said:
I’ve been cruising the Playmobil stuff for weeks now, trying to figure out which one to get for Harry. I love how many different cultures are covered–that Masai warrior is just amazing. That could really spur some interesting conversations.

Off to tweet, follow Playmobil, and become a fan–four entries! Woo hoo!

I’ll be contacting you shortly for your information, congrats! xoxo

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Congrats to JNH, who said:

Loving the Blueberry/Sky Cardigan. Kim + I hadn’t heard of this line before—great stuff.

I’ll be contacting you shortly for your info. Thank You to all who entered!

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Violight winner!


Running a few days behind (but with a good excuse!) & we have finally chosen a winner. Thank You to all who entered! Our winner is Josie, who said:

Seriously, the ZapiPOP- Za-Za Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer is probably the awesome-est thing thing ever to be that cute! What a great company“.

Happy Brushing Josie, We’ll be contacting you later today for your info.

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